Working groups

Working groups

The party of the European Left will participate in the “train of liberty”, an initiative of mobilization against the regressive and restrictive reform on abortion put through by the Popular Party in Spain.


One more year we denounce all violence against women, sexist male violence which seems to give us no respite in Europe and in the whole world.
A date like November 25th must lead us to vindicate our commitment to eliminate gender violence from Europe and the whole world.

Declaration of the EL-trade unionists network

The European trade union movement needs a common and coordinated struggle against social dumping. Different parts of European capital are consciously using cross border mobility of workers to expand competition among workers. Varying wage and employment standards in different countries is consciously used to lower the costs of the companies in order to gain a competitive advantage over other market participants.

When? 19th & 20th of October
Where? Unicampus Wien, Altes AKH
Conference Languages: DE | EN | FR

Benalmádena, 11th-13th of May, 2012

The plenary meeting of women participating in the meeting, STATES its rejection regarding the neoliberal adjustment policies and the dismantling of the welfare state for the negative impact they entail for the lives of women.


Women’s Section of the PCE/ May 16th
The Meeting of the EL-FEM women’s network took place on the 11th-13th of May at the Hall of the Club Náutico in Benalmádena (Málaga). Women from different countries discussed the impact of the crisis on the female population in Europe.

Feminist and Left Alternatives in the Europe of the Markets summarizes well the objective of this meeting which intends to reinforce mobilizations in all the Continent against the cuts affecting the rights and the life quality of women.

Today starts the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), in Durban, South Africa. The starting point is to reach an agreement on tackling climate change. Facing the failure of the last negotiations, specially in Copenhagen, and the urgency in an immediate action, the European Left Party underlines the importance of an effective and strong binding agreement towards a 40% reduction on carbon emissions.

On the occasion of the International Day on Violence against Women the Party of the European Left (EL) declares:

For feminist movements worldwide the 25 th of November is a day of battle, accusation, reconnaissance and resistance against violence against women.

Confirmed by the EL-Network Meeting of Trade Unionist Athens Nov. 12. 2011