Solidarity resolution for UPS workers in Turkey

Solidarity resolution for UPS workers in Turkey

The trade unionists network within and close to the European Left fully supports you in your struggle which is a just and noble cause as you fight for the well-recognized and established international right to freedom of association without fear or favour and for social justice at UPS.

Your demand for reinstatement of all your dismissed comrades has already yielded positive results, but the struggle is not over until all dismissed workers are back at work.

We will remain vigilant and will ensure that solidarity is intensified through the national unions of which we are members, and through our parties. You are not alone.

UPS must be made to feel the practical effect of the universal slogan "An injury to one is an injury to all" as engaged by the ITF to unite and organize transport workers across the world regardless of language, colour, religion, gender, or creed.

Network Meeting , May 8. 2010 in Helsinki.