Education Working Group
Education plays an important role for training citizens and consequently for the society’s collective consciousness.
Nowadays, the neo-liberal objective is to shape women and men interested only by themselves. Education is strongly utilitarian, subjected to free-market imperatives, and above all centred on skills allowing for a quick adaptation to new situations in a competitive economy.

EL Working Group on Education presents past work as well as its programme proposals for the upcoming months

When? 19th & 20th of October
Where? Unicampus Wien, Altes AKH
Conference Languages: DE | EN | FR

Presentation EL education programme in Rome

On 16 April 2009, before the start of the meeting of the EL Executive Board in Rome, the education programme and manifesto of the EL working group were presented.
The programmatic text "Education crisis", as well as the European Manifesto are the result of a collective work of the working group on education, which is composed by comrades from Spain (Communist Party of Spain), Portugal (Bloco de Esquerda), Luxembourg (Dei Lenk), Switzerland (Parti Suisse du Travail), France (PCF), Germany (Die Linke), Italy (Rifondazione Comunista) and Greece (ΣΥΝ).

to Joëlle Casa, National Secretary of FLC CGIL Italy, from the EL working group on education

13 organisations from the European Left representing 13 countries participated in the EL Conference on Education, held in Paris on June 19th and 20th, 2008.