Citizens were called to participate in the EBU debate using social media, and specifically by submitting questions and thoughts using the hashtag #TellEurope.

The Party of the European Left gives full support and express all it´s solidarity with the miners, families and all the Turkish workers in this terrible day for all workers around the world. Here we hereby make the press release of our member party in Turkey, Freedom and Solidarity Party public:

Alexis Tsipras may be the next Prime Minister of Greece. Indeed, if today elections were held he would win them, according to the surveys. He was about to do so two years ago, in the last elections. He remained to only one point to get the government. In that pre-campaign he shone with so much force that scared the right wing, not only the Greek but the entire European one. Then all the economic, political and media right-wing launched against him. It was a dirty war.

Comrades and Friends,

We are only few days away from the most critical European elections in the history of the European Union. Because this time, we are not voting only to elect members of the Parliament. We are voting to shape the balance of political forces in a Europe, which is at a critical crossroads. We are voting to hold back catastrophic austerity and regain democracy. We are voting for our lives.

To tear down the «wall of money». To overcome the North-South division. A division that cancels the European idea and Europe itself.

We are witnessing the emergence of a Nazi State fostered by the USA and the EU in Ukraine. Yesterday conflict in Odessa and other east Ukraine cities with nearly 50 victims shows the protagonist behavior of Nazi groups under the guidance of Kiev.

The arrest and detention of Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Fein and pioneer of the peace process in Northern Ireland, is a politically inflammatory act against democracy and the fragile peace and normality in the area.

Poll results across Europe show a particularly encouraging rise in the popularity of the Left. According to some estimates, the European Parliamentary Group of the Left (GUE-NGL), is expected to increase its number of MEP’s from 35 to at least 60 in the upcoming Parliamentary elections this May.

In April 1974 a coup carried out by left-leaning army officers led the way to democracy in Portugal. The coup on April 25, was led by soldiers in tanks and joined by a popular resistance movement. Nowadays austerity measures are threatening the welfare state, healthcare, education, pensions, labour and all the social achievements accomplished 40 years ago.

The Party of the European Left elected me candidate for the Presidency of the European Commission, at its 4th Congress on 13-15 December 2013 in Madrid.

It is an honour and a mandate. The honour is not only personal. The candidacy of the leader of the main opposition in Greece symbolizes solidarity for the Greek people and also for all the people in Europe’s South who are suffering the catastrophic social consequences of the Memoranda of austerity and recession.

The Party of the European Left (EL) called last Thursday, in an International Conference in Brussels, for the cancellation of a part of an odious debt for many countries of southern Europe. They did so in the Conference titled "Together we can put an end to debt and austerity problems in Europe" where economists, sociologists, politicians of the European Left, trade unionists and members of the social movements of more than 20 countries of Europe and Latin America joined forces.