European Left in solidarity with Turkish people, victim of the bellicose politics of Erdogan

European Left in solidarity with Turkish people, victim of the bellicose politics of Erdogan

Grunge textured flag of Turkey on vintage paper by Nicolas Raymond /Flick.

The Party of the European Left condemns the attack perpetrated last night in the airport of Istanbul, already claimed by the Islamic Army, that caused 36 deaths and more than 140 people injured. We send our condolences and solidarity to families, friends and all affected by this attack, and by extension to all Turkish people who suffered strong terrorist attacks in the past years. The biggest one occurred in October 2015 against pacifist and progressive forces claiming for peace in Ankara. More than 200 people were killed.


In these moments the European Left shows its solidarity, as we have always done, to the Turkish people victim of the consequences of the destabilising policies of the Erdogan government, its complicity with Jihadists groups that attack the Syrian army, beyond the Turkish borders, as well as its attacks to the Kurdish people, its representatives, deputies, organizations and, in general, against all the democratic forces of the country, working for democracy and peace in Turkey and in the region.


Part of that complicity has been demonstrated by the liberty for the Jihadist cells to move in the region. That lax attitude with the Islamic terrorists contrasts radically with the persecution and imprisonment of all defending the right of freedom of expression, whether they are journalists, intellectuals, activists, unionists, political militants and against the Kurdish people, beleaguered y bombed.


The Party of the European Left calls the international community to revise its relations with Turkey and push to require that the AKP government must respect the human rights and the freedom of expression, as well as it has not to tighten the repression against the democratic forces in the name of an anti-terrorist policy.


Maite Mola

Vice-President of the Party of the European Left