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Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left, on the planned Referendum in Northern Iraq:

Gregor Gysi on the current events Catalonia:

The Party of the European Left (EL) condemns the arrests and confiscations driven by the Rajoy Government and carried out by the Guardia Civil in Catalonia. The raised issues can only be solved politically, never by police or justice. We call for a dialogue between the governments of Spain and Catalonia without winners and losers.

Juncker-plans not sufficient for saving EU


Dear Prime Minister Orbán,
This terrible attack in the heart of Barcelona, leaving many dead and injured, deeply devastates us all.


Statement by Colombian political prisoners

We plead for dissemination


At risk the life of political prisoners in Cali prison.

Concerning the adoption of the progress report on Turkey from Rapporteur Kati Piri by the European Parliament, Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left (EL), declares:



Université d’été

Budapest, du 19/07/2017 au 23/07/2017

(A program magyarul: kattintson ide)

Mercredi 19 juillet : Arrivés et ouverture