Manifesto March 8th - International Women's day

Manifesto March 8th - International Women's day

We celebrate March 8th 2017 in a historical and political context full of difficulties for women throughout Europe. In this context the growth of far right and populism in the Western world as a result of the reactionary policies of most European governments, exerts a negative influence on our struggle for equality.

This globalized world dominated by huge multinational corporations and fortunes, monopolies and markets and the use of war as an instrument against the people, implies the standstill of almost all public policies aimed at the achievement of a greater level of equality for women.

In several EU countries the right to abortion is questioned. Since the beginning of this year dozens of women have been murdered by gender violence in Europe; women are trafficked as if they were objects, female refugees are exposed to all type of abuse, and also the present financial crisis and the neoliberal austerity policies are worsening the situation for women who are the most damaged.

The lack of decent jobs for women, the gender pay gap, the difficulty to obtain a decent pension, the feminization of poverty, the regression regarding rights and liberties, the commercialization of women’s bodies and the lack of a non sexist education are not accidental. It seems like governments have no real interest in improving the lives of women who happen to be 51% of citizenship.

Before this scene it is more important than ever to firmly support feminism as a fundamental pillar of social transformation. It is also essential to recognize the feminist struggle for real equality while respecting diversity.

The Party of the European Left decided in its Congress to launch a European campaign against the trafficking of women, as one of our fundamental focuses in our fight for equality.

Feminism defends equal working conditions and salaries, fights labor precariousness and feminization of poverty and demands the necessary budgets to obtain still pending rights to education, health, culture and economy from a gender perspective in order to accomplish a better world free of inequalities.

Let’s occupy the streets, for our rights!

Real equality now!