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The European Commission’s proposal to suspend the structural and investment funds for Portugal and Spain was debated this week in the European Parliament, in a joint meeting of parliamentary committees of Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) and Regional Development (REGI) and the with the presence of European commissioners Jyrki Katainen and Corina Crețu in representation of the European Commission.

The 1st European Forum for Alternatives will be held in Paris, Place de la Republique, on May the 30 and 31.

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The Facebook page "European Forum for Alternatives":

This is the time to end Austerity and Inequality! It's time for Democracy and Solidarity!
Time to change Europe!


The struggle for change in Europe has begun.


The overthrow of the Greek memorandum government is an important step that will be completed on January 25th, 2015 by  the imminent grand electoral victory of SYRIZA.


Terror and Violence don’t come to an end. We express our compassion to the relatives and friends of the innocent dead and injured, and to the latter we wish a quick recovery. Of course the perpetrators have to be brought to justice and held accountable.

On occasion of the results of the presidential elections in France, Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left, declares:

The citizens of France have, fortunately, prevented with a large majority that Le Pen, exponent of the far-right and a racist, is able to move into Élysée Palace. Emmanuel Macron is the new president of the French state.


Today, on occasion of Karl Marx 199th birthday, the President of the European Left, Gregor Gysi, is addressing citizens, initiatives and institutions in order to call for an honourable commemoration of the 200th birthday of Karl Marx next year.

التقت أحزاب اليسار من كلا جانبي البحر الأبيض المتوسط  في مدينة "بن المدينة" في اسبانيا في الفترة من  30 آذار (مارس) الى  2 نيسان (ابريل) 2017 في المؤتمر الثالث لأحزاب اليسار في منطقة حوض المتوسط، من اجل تعزيز روابط التضامن بينها.

Fortalecimiento de la cooperación de las fuerzas de la Izquierda - Norte y sur del Mediterráneo

Los partidos de Izquierda de las regiones del sur y del norte del Mediterráneo se reunieron para la Tercera Conferencia Mediterránea de la Izquierda del 31 de marzo al 2 de abril en Benalmádena, España, pasando tres inspiradores días analizando e intercambiando sus puntos de vista sobre la situación en esta región, en vista de los recientes desarrollos.

The first round of the presidential elections in France has taken place. As it was feared, right wing populist Le Pen will be able to compete in the second round as well. Her opposite, Emmanuel Macron, is not only a conservative but a neoliberal as well. He will expedite cuts in social services. This development needs to be stopped for the whole of Europe to overcome the dangers for the existence of the EU. Nonetheless: Mrs Le Pen may under no circumstances become President of France.

Gabriele Del Grande, an Italian journalist has been arrested by Turkish authorities in the southeaster province of Hatay on the Syrian border, last 9 April. Since then he is detained - firstly in Hatay, then in Muzla – in isolation and no charge has been formulated against him.

“Starting tonight, I’m beginning a hunger strike, and I urge everyone to spread the demand that they respect my rights” he said during some calls. He cannot meet a lawyer neither he can know when and how this nightmare will end.