33 parties will discuss on the alternatives to re-found Europe

33 parties will discuss on the alternatives to re-found Europe

The vicepresident of the EL declared that this weekend the European Left Party will present an alternative to end with austerity politics “against a European social-democracy that agrees to consolidate the politics of Angela Merkel in Germany” and that in France, “sends again troops to the Central African Republic”

From this afternoon until next Sunday, 350 delegates of the 33 parties of the EL (26 Members and 7 observers), among them Syriza (greece), Die Linke (Germany), Izquierda Unida (Spain) and Front de Gauche (France) will debate on a political, economical and social alternative to end with Troika's austerity.

Left parties from all the continent are also invited. In fact, as the work in the field of cooperation with the alternative left of Latin America and the Sao Paulo Forum, it will be the Vicepresident of Bolivia who will open the Congress, along with Cayo Lara and Jose Luis Centella, hosts of this great meeting among parties.

Among the big list of guests,  social movements and trade unions are included. The two leaders of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), Ignacio Fernández Toxo and Bernadette Ségol. Toxo will also address the plenary in the Congress opening this afternoon.

The vicepresident of the EL made a quick overview of what she defined as a “desolating european panorama,” resulting of the austerity politics of the Troika: unemployment up to 28% in Greece, 26% in Spain, in their case in in four under the age of 16 is under poverty line, and over 20% of the population are poor

She also stated “not even having a job saves people from social exclusion, as we have 1 Euro per hour salaries in Europe.” Maite Mola added that the problems and mobilisations are not limited to the poorer countries of the south and recalled the cuts in the public sector in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Against this scenario, the EL has an “alternative to re-found Europe” and part of this alternative will be analysed during the Congress. One of the main issues is the organization in March of an international conference to question the payments of the infair debt and to set an audit of the previous will be debated, along with the preoccupation of the consequences that the Transatlantic Trade Treaty will have.

Facing the European Elections of may 2014, Maite Mola explained that the Congress will also discuss programatic platform that recognise all the items set in the Alter Summit held in Greece last June.