19 June 2017

Gregor Gysi on the results of the 2nd round of the National Assembly elections

The Left in France will be stronger in the new National Assembly as in the previous one. This is a very good and encouraging result. Unfortunately, the architecture of the French electoral system is preventing the left from an even better result.

There is hope, that our member parties Parti de Gauche (PdG) and the French Communist Party (PCF) will open up a shared path to enable a common and therefore stronger parliamentary fraction formed by France Insoumise (FI) and the PCF.

09 June 2017

Declaration by Gregor Gysi on the elections in GB

Now this is not by chance anymore: After the defeat of the conservatives in France, now there is another one in Great Britain. In France, Mélenchon was successful, in Great Britain it was Corbyn. This strengthens the Left in Europe, gives it a boost. More and more people strive for social justice and democracy in their countries. It is worthwhile to fight for something new and alternative in Europe.

01 June 2017

Invest in people not in NATO!

The Peace Working Group of the European Left is deeply concerned about the decisions taken during the recent NATO meeting of heads of state and government in Brussels. Their plans for more 'cash, capabilities, and contributions' roughly translates to 'more weapons, more soldiers, more wars'. This also means less money for social welfare and public services.

01 June 2017

End the humanitarian crisis in Yemen!

Joint declaration of the Peace Working Group and the Middle East Working Group of the European Left Party