27 February 2015

For a Mediterranean of peace, solidarity, citizenship and social justice

II Mediterranean Conference of the LEFT concluded, February 22nd, with a declaration that, in addition to offering an exhaustive analysis of the complex situation in which the countries of the Mediterranean are, it marks the common positions and the beginning of coordinated action of the gathered parties.

The statement made clear that only a radical change of the dominant social and economic order can give an answer to the question of social justice that grows in the North and South of the Mediterranean.

27 February 2015

Por un Mediterráneo de paz, solidaridad, ciudadanía y justicia social

La II Conferencia del Mediterráneo de la IZQUIERDA concluyó ayer, 22 de febrero, con una declaración que, además de ofrecer un exhaustivo análisis de la compleja situación en la que se encuentran los países del Mediterráneo, marca las posiciones comunes y  los principios de acción coordinada de los partidos reunidos. En la declaración se dejó claro que sólo un cambio radical del orden social y económico dominante puede dar una respuesta a la demanda de justicia social que crece en el Norte y Sur del Mediterráneo.

25 February 2015

Bridging agreement at the Eurogroup: a first step to put an end to austerity in Europe

The list of reforms of the SYRIZA government has been accepted this Tuesday by the Eurogroup. The fight for democracy and against austerity in Europe is far from being finished, but this bridging agreement is a very important first step. The Greek government has won time in order to implement its programme, most notably its humanitarian aspect, the fight against corruption and fiscal fraud.  Le Gouvernement Grec a gagné du temps pour mettre en œuvre son programme, notamment humanitaire, de lutte contre la corruption et la fraude fiscale.

24 February 2015

The EL participated in Istanbul in the demonstration against the repressive security draft of law of the Turkish Government

The Party of the European Left (EL), represented among others by two of its vice-presidents, Maite Mola and Marisa Matías, joined the demonstration summoned yesterday, in Istanbul, by the Turkish left, in protest against the draft of Law of National Security the Turkish conservative government of the AKP, the party of Erdogan, wants to approve in the Parliament.