19 October 2016

Resolution of the EL Executive Board on the election of the Secretary-General of the United Nations

1.   The Party of the European Left (EL) congratulates the United Nations for the election of António Guterres as next Secretary-General for a five-year term. The new selection process has been an important step in the direction of a more democratic and transparent UN.

2.   EL congratulates António Guterres for this important victory, which he totally deserves, after 10 years of relevant service to the international community in the role of UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

17 October 2016

Announcement of the V Congress of the Party of the European Left

Announcement of the V Congress of the Party of the European Left

The Party of the European Left (EL) will hold its 5th Congress next December in Berlin, Germany, gathering delegations from all its parties to decide on the political focus for the next three-year term.

07 October 2016

European Left congratulates António Guterres for nomination as UN Secretary-General

António Guterres was chosen by the United Nations Security Council to succeed to Ban-Ki-Moon as UN chief, starting of January 1st 2017. The decision of the UN Security Council was taken this Thursday, 6th of October, by acclamation, one day after the sixth pool in a row won by the former Prime-Minister of Portugal, this time without a single negative vote.


06 October 2016

EL calls for immediate and safe release of Women’s Boat to Gaza activists

The Women’s Boat to Gaza was intercepted and illegally captured by the Israeli Navy this past Wednesday while in international waters and hours way of reaching Gaza.


05 October 2016

The European Left fights against the TTIP and the CETA, two sides of the same coin

The treaty with Canada[1] has become the priority of the foreign policy of the European Union. To accelerate its entry into force and to remove obstacles regarding its approval, the European Commission has proposed a series of measures to satisfy the demands of European Social Democracy.